Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Long ride #3

Most beautiful day, beautifully enjoyable - all good. I was sufficiently intent on doing 100K of nowhere that I changed the units on my Garmin to metric, but when I actually got to Rockland Lake St. Park and rode the loop and considered how long it had taken me to get there from Lamont, I had a Visitation of Common Sense: I didn't need to ride long today, I needed to have a regular challenging 3-hour ride during which I would continue to desensitize to riding on a shoulder beside fast traffic and riding steep long hills! The clincher is that I still haven't done a proper hill workout on the Alpine hill, and I wanted to ride it at least once before the end of my ride today - I'm racing this weekend, then a recovery week & travel to Brent's, and in short I really won't be riding these hills again until Wednesday, July 10. So I did exactly that - just once up the Alpine hill, but it was not as monumental as I'd built it up to be in my imagination, and it will be easier for me to make a hill workout happen given that I've been there this year once already.

(Upside of taking 8am bus is that I am riding by 8:45 and therefore in a position to get the noon bus back, even if I do three full hours - there is no 1pm bus, so it makes for a much longer trip if I don't get onto that one on the way back.)

Numbers approximate as I forgot to turn my Garmin back on after stopping to use my asthma inhaler, but along these lines:

c. 3hr, c. 38mi, avg HR 137, max HR 155

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