Sunday, June 2, 2013

Week zero IMWI summary

Alas, if it's not one thing it's another: I seem to have picked up a touch of food poisoning or similar! I was woefully ill from 4 to 6 this morning; much better when I got up properly in late morning, have retrieved bike and not having any more gastrointestinal woes, but feel quite tired and dehydrated. May need to take another day off tomorrow, or just do something really easy. Will go out shortly to pick up some Gatorade and crackers - fact that I have no appetite is definitely a sign that things are off, it's rare for me!

Week totals: 10:15 (2 bike, incl. one longest ever; 1 run; 1 day of bike-spin-swim). Slightly unbalanced way to get to that numbers (exercised only on three days, due to travel and recovery issues), but I feel a lot more optimistic about this whole training thing than I did mid-week.

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