Sunday, June 16, 2013

Week 2 summary

My body, as of late afternoon, is telling me that it wants to doze and eat rather than run, so I think I am going to listen to it - yesterday was tiring, and I already had a good swim today.

Week 2 in summary: 13:45

3 swims (2:15)
2 runs (2:02)
5 bikes (9:27), including one outdoor 3-hour ride on 9W and one indoor 3-hour ride

Only thing missing is a long run, but I think it was more valuable for me to prioritize the second long ride than the long run for this week. It is clear to me that if you're training to finish an Ironman rather than to "race" it, and you know how to swim, you pretty much could just spend all your training time on the bike and you'd be fine!

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