Friday, June 14, 2013


Slightly shorter than I hoped for, on both counts, but really a very good workout regardless. I was on a bike by shortly after 12, so I got a good 70-minute spin; then transitioned to the pool for 1000 yards. (I did the first 300 of the T-pace test that many triathletes use for pacing, but on the last 50 I was both sneezing uproariously & suddenly cognizant that I had forgotten to take a second dose of albuterol post-spin, which meant that asthma prevention was just about up - so common sense said I'd better just cool down and try again one day next week. Really I know what that pace is anyway - call it 2:03/100 for now, and in a couple weeks of medium-volume swimming I should be at more like 1:58!)

Warmup: 200 swim, 200 pull, 200 kick

300 free (6:08)

100 cooldown

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