Friday, June 28, 2013


Slightly crazy week. Had really been ready even pre-Syracuse for a recovery week, and given how hot it was, I was just exhausted when I got back to an also very hot NYC. Had a lot of errands to do before leaving town early Thursday morning, plus BOOK FINISHING - but managed to email final manuscript to my editor earlier this afternoon, and figured the best thing I could do exercise-wise would be a not-too-intensive yoga class. I have been really missing yoga - I hope that in this next training block, I'll be able to do a class at least a couple times a week. Cycling has been making my hamstrings and hips even much tighter than they usually are, so this class was perfect, with gentle twists and hip-openers. Tomorrow I will do double spin plus short run home, 3hr ride Sunday, then I can start up again on Monday with another "real" training week!

1hr yoga

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Becca said...

I just did five yoga classes in two days at Kripalu and it was spectacular. If I did three classes a day, I would be unspeakably buff. Even after just two days, I can feel my core, externally, when I poke at my belly, in a totally different way. Now, however, I am going out for a long run (I am possibly maybe starting to perhaps train for something), and I am dreading it.