Sunday, January 19, 2014


Just a brief note as I failed to record any times myself and the results aren't up yet at the race site. Hmmmm, there is nothing like triathlon to put me in a gloriously good mood - especially a triathlon in JANUARY whose swim takes place IN THE SEA, with no wetsuits!

It was a phenomenally windy day. Both swim and bike much harder than last year - the first leg of the triangular swim (2-loop course) was unbelievably hard and slow, though I perked up once I finished the first loop and realized (a) lots of other folks were swimming as slowly as I was and (b) it really was doable, with the other two legs getting a decent assist. I kicked a ton more than I usually would, though, and my legs definitely felt it on the bike. I have not trained properly for this event, but it is very pleasant to think of maintaining year-round fitness sufficient that c. 4hr of strenuous exercise is always within reach.

(Next year I think B. and I might race as a team - I will do swim and bike, he will do the run. In fact it was NOT especially hot today, but really fall semester is always very busy for me, it is not ever going to be realistic to have high enough training volume in November and December that I could do a full half in January - unless, that is, I am on sabbatical....)

1.2mi swim, 56mi VERY VERY WINDY HARD bike!

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