Friday, January 24, 2014

Glorious winter run!

I was afraid it would be too cold, but Liz told me I would be fine so long as I abandoned my prejudice against hats - indeed she brought me a balaclava to wear! We jogged to the bottom of Harlem Hill and did some repeats - I haven't been running much this past month, so I didn't go too hard, but it was highly worthwhile.

(How could I forget how much I like winter running?!? I have let the temperatures this week mentally daunt me, but now I am reminded - that was 18F and after dark, admittedly not windy, but really it is very comfortable if you are dressed appropriately, and I am lucky to live in a city that does a superb job cleaning most sidewalks and park paths. It is going to be very cold for a good bit of the next stretch, so really I am happy to have reclaimed running in my head as a good activity for this time of year...)

c. :58 total, 3 x 4min hill, 4min recovery + 2min hill, 2min recovery

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