Sunday, January 12, 2014

GORGEOUS long ride...

I had to overcome mild dread, inevitably, to get out the door - I think I have not ridden a bicycle since my Ironman ride in September! But it was absolutely lovely right away, as I knew it would be. Riding here in January is glorious, and after last summer's long riding a 3hr ride sort of seems like nothing to think twice about (I was ready to stop by the end, though).

Had excellent company from Hurley's to Frank Sound - a cyclist with beautiful etiquette, several miles per hour faster than me and not minding giving me a pull. I went on to the East End gas station (disconcertingly they have all changed since I was last here from Texaco to Rubis), stopped for a drink and turned around - I knew it would make my ride come in a bit short, as I was at 1:25 and the ride home is considerably quicker due to prevailing winds, but I didn't want to overdo it.

It is so gorgeous out there - you are riding next to the sea for good long stretches, I am not an enthusiastic photographer so you will just have to take it on faith that it is about as beautiful as you can imagine, very little traffic, less humid than in the summer, not too hot (I mean, it is still fairly hot, but manageable!)....

My riding has considerably improved over the year of riding I did from September 2012 to September 2013. In particular I had a session with Joanna this summer that made a couple things click. I am really getting better efficiency on my pedal stroke (heel down, engaging calf strength on upward bit of rotation), and I also had a blinding insight re: core - I must have heard a million times the words "engage your core strength to protect your lower back" in spin class, but it was only when Joanna uttered the magic words "pelvic tilt" during our coaching session in Prospect Park that I suddenly understood what previously had been words and dim concept only - I know that very well from yoga and Pilates, and it gave me a much clearer sense of the position you actually want to have in the hips. The upper part of my riding posture remains ludicrous, my brain just wants me to ride in a very upright position even on a road bike, so that is the big thing to work on in 2014 (that and accustoming myself to the tri bike).

An unbalanced but in sum excellent training week. Total hours: 12:43 (double spin, long ride, 5 hot yoga, 1 flow yoga, 1 hot yoga posture clinic). I could feel legs were tired today from yesterday's double spin.

Goal for coming week (I do have quite a few work tasks I need to knock out too, so this might be slightly modified depending on where work is): 3 swims (Monday evening and Friday morning master's workouts, race swim on Sunday); 3 1hr spin workouts; race bike 56mi next Sunday; as much yoga as I like; a bit of running.

2:45, 47.9mi (17.3mph), avg HR 141 (high zone 2), max HR 157

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