Saturday, January 18, 2014


That was actually a really lovely exercise session. B. dropped me for 8am spin; I just had one class left on my punch card, and also I didn't want to tire out legs before tomorrow's ride, so I didn't stay for the double. Jogged home. NB jogging home on a cooler day is much faster and more pleasant than walking home on a hot one! (It is not a scenic walk.)

I feel slightly remiss at having had such a FAIL on the week's exercise goals - but in retrospect it was an unrealistic plan. Several things would have had to be different in order to have executed it properly: I would have had to forgo most of the hot yoga; I would have had to use willpower getting up early, willpower I really needed to get work done (and since I am going home Monday and will immediately revert to 8:30/9am rising time, it did not seem worth the effort); I would have had to have stronger motivation in the form of a significant approaching race. The yoga really is the nicest and easiest thing for me to do here - the studio is fantastic, it's in easy walking distance and classes run mid-morning and midday as well as early morning and evening, neither of which is truly suited to my clock.

I will not go to noon hot yoga I think; I need to pack stuff up and get organized for tomorrow! We will stay tonight at the Reef; pasta dinner for athletes this evening, and it makes sense to stay on-site for an early start. B. will volunteer on the swim course; next year we might do the whole thing as a relay, I will swim and bike and B. will do the run....

:52 spin, :26 easy jog (2.2mi I think), 1:18 total

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