Monday, January 6, 2014

Hot yoga!

My lungs are still pretty full of junk, and I felt queasy at various points during class (it is much hotter in the studio here than at the one I go to in NYC), but it felt pretty amazing to be back exercising again. I have been a little grumpy due to exercise deprivation. Got a new shirt at the boutique at the studio - I did an exceptionally poor job of packing this time round, including not putting a single short-sleeved exercise shirt into my bag, so it was a fairly essential acquisition (I have a t-shirt here from a Stroke and Stride, but it has the hazard of many unisex event shirts - huge shoulders and arms, but very tight across the chest and strangulating around the neck).

(I signed up for the 30-day challenge, but since I'm only here through Jan. 20 and need to do some tri stuff as well while I'm here, I'm not sure it's quite going to happen. I do want to do a 30-day challenge at Bikram Yoga Harlem once I'm back in NY....)

1.25hr hot yoga (woo-hoo!)

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