Sunday, July 27, 2014

Called it short....

Discretion being the better part of valor and all - as I was jogging down the last part of 110th St. to the north entrance to the park, I felt some strong twinges in the front inside of my right knee (never had that before, though knees are always a bit sore when I'm running a lot). Was hoping they could be ignored, but instead the twinge became more frequent and more pronounced as I started to run up Harlem Hill, plus some impingement (curiously) down the back of the calf. Arghhhh, frustrating - but it was clearly the sensible thing to do to stop the clock and walk home! If there is one thing years of running have taught me, it's that minor things go away if you are sensible but that you can pretty easily turn a minor thing into a major one by, say, running on it for an hour when you obviously shouldn't!

Will go to TNYA workout at Baruch later, so I can't feel too grumpy about this (also riding in NJ with Lauren tomorrow if weather permits). Hoping coach will allow me to have another go at the Central Park loop on Tuesday - I can always cut it short if I need to.

:16 minutes of warmup with twinges!

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