Monday, July 14, 2014


No, not actually - just an ill-advised long run in sauna-like conditions! I got it done, which is about the best I can say - I dread to even think how very slow my pace was most of the time! Ran down to 96th St. and then up to the Little Red Lighthouse. Due to combination of aforementioned sauna-like conditions and the fact that I added on a bit inadvertently (dead end, backtracking), it took well over an hour to get there (it's 5mi by the direct route), so I took the shorter route home. For the second hour, couldn't quite face coach's instructions of 8 x 1:00 @ 5K pace, so modified by doing 8 x (3:30 jog, :30 hard, 1:00 recovery walk). Walked the last bit home - 2hr exactly (I had to walk a couple extra blocks, I was damned if I was going to stop the clock before the two-hour mark!). Squelchy socks, soaking wet shirt and pants - the fragrance of garbage and cigarette smoke everywhere - NYC in summer!

2hr, c. 8.5mi?

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