Friday, July 4, 2014


Though I was annoyed with myself Tuesday for not getting up and out the door for a morning run, it was one of those things where it was possibly for the best that I had a day off anyway. Yesterday was just a more simple and regrettable failure! I was more lazy than exhausted in terms of not getting up/out in time (I had allergy shot appointment at 11am downtown so there was a hard deadline, but in retrospect I should have just gone out for a shorter one rather than not going out at all). I was grumpy and overheated all day, and when I got home from the library (after some good work on my article and a great meeting with the rare book librarian about what we're going to do with the rare book collection for the introduction to the English major class in the fall), I lay down in air conditioning with a book and promptly fell asleep FOR TWO HOURS. By the time I was ungroggified sufficiently to consider running, the sultry heat had tipped over the edge to thunderstorm, and at that point I pretty much just had to admit defeat!

I made the foolish mistake this morning of starting to read things on the internet instead of just getting out the door - it has cost me my midday spin class, alas. (I finished my Central Park loop, it was just about noon and I was still 1mi from home and 5mi from Chelsea Piers, spin starts at 12:30 and there was clearly no way I would make it!) But though it is still disgustingly humid, it is significantly cooler than yesterday (low 70s rather than high 80s, big difference). Jogged over to the park and ran the full loop, pushing hills and taking short walking recovery as needed on flats. Walked home after, that was enough running for the day I think.....

1:27, c. 7.3mi (loop was 1:13, just about 12min pace - note to self, Harlem Hill takes about 4min right now from bottom to top)

+1mi (20min) walk home = additional time on feet

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