Saturday, September 13, 2014

Double spin!

Tiring day of being out and about - vast pile of work at home awaits, unfortunately!

Double spin was good. The track work they're doing on the weekends is making me grumpy; I hadn't left quite enough time to get downtown this morning anyway (50 minutes rather than the full hour, which you really need given weekend transit schedules) - then remembered to my horror that NO trains are running on the 1 line north of 96th St. for the whole weekend! Horrible crowded shuttle bus, slow train, had to take a taxi from 14th St. (should have taken a taxi right away when I saw the bus situation, as it was distinctly frazzle-inducing). Was about 10 minutes late but could have been worse....

First class: :40; second class: 1hr. I gather there is soon going to be a change of policy whereby we aren't allowed to ride straight through the double...

Then spin teacher Joanna's birthday lunch at Chelsea Market! Very nice.

1:40 spin

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