Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Short but nice run!

Only 1/6 into the semester, but I am utterly knackered. Got home from teaching last night so tired I actually couldn't think of anything I wanted to read, which really is a sign of deep fatigue for me, it rarely happens! Sleep did not feel restorative, and I had to fight to get focused this morning to write my lecture - could tell willpower was already much depleted. Finished lecture around midday, first meeting on campus not till 2:30, so I definitely had time for a run, but I wasn't hugely optimistic about executing workout as planned (not a huge one, but with 6 x 1min hill as central bit of work/gearing up for racing this weekend). Indeed, I did my warmup, then ran the first hill distinctly half-heartedly - was fading by 2/3 of the way up and decided I really didn't need to do it if I was that tired. Did 4-5 10-second accelerations on last bit home, for a total of about :32. It did make me feel calmer and more awake, highly worthwhile really (this sort of a run, which endurance athlete thinks of as mini, is really probably about what's recommended for daily exercise for health!).

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