Friday, September 5, 2014


Thursday was a wash - I had an appealing run on the schedule, but I didn't do it first thing and then the day got away from me (especially when it's so warm, a day of doing this and that around town really makes it hard to get out, and then I was having a very productive evening spell of work on my syllabus for Monday, I couldn't stop until it was done!). But I did have a nice midday workout today - Joanna's spin class and then a swim for form and feel. Now it's late, I'm pretty tired and I'm really nowhere near packed for departure tomorrow (race is Sunday morning), but it's OK, will go to bed soon and regroup in the early morning - don't need to leave here till 11:30 or so.

:50 spin
1000 yards swim (100 swim, 100 pull, 100 kick, 2 x 100 drill [RaLaCuBa, 6-3-6], 4 x 75 free increasing speed every 25 (10s rest), 100 IM easy (fly drill), 100 easy free

(Really it was a nice day - after leaving the gym, I visited Rent the Runway and found a dress to wear for a black-tie event in 2 weeks [yes, I know it's not a black-tie outfit really, more on cocktail dress lines, but I'm just not the type for black tie, it is inconceivable that I would wear a floor-length dress, this dress will do me very well instead!] then had cheese & crackers at my adopted grandfather's place nearby - we went to get an early bite to eat round the corner and ran into my brother, who was waiting for his phone to get fixed at the Apple store - so he joined us, it was a lovely coincidence!)

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