Sunday, October 12, 2008

Brief Sunday swim

Only a very short one - as anyone who has ever been a teacher knows, a Monday-morning class means lots of work late on Sunday night, for some reason it is not in human nature to spread it evenly over the weekend!

warmup: 100 floppy-paws freestyle, 100 floppy-paws finger-drag drill, 100 IM easy (fly drill), 100 back, 100 free

Then I got in a very slow lane with a kickboard and pull buoy and did some of those drills from yesterday: 50 whip kick with board on back, 50 ditto on front; 50 sculling with pull buoy, 100 regular breast pull with pull buoy and body dolphin/head diving down; 50 breast. It felt good, but thigh muscles tired out from yesterday, so I did another 100 or so of free and called it a night.

The floppy-paws stuff is great! I. said it looked like a different swimmer when I did it yesterday, and I could feel it again today.

900 yards total (short!)

Then a quick trip to the pharmacy to replenish the Claritin supply - it does not seem like a miracle drug when I am taking it, I still have some allergy symptoms at this time of year, but I took the last tablet in the bottle on Friday and by this morning my eyes and nose were streaming, my nose and upper lip are so red from nose-blowing that I really look as though I either have an awful cold or have been crying all day! I have just taken a pill, but I think that once you let it go out of your system it takes a little while for the effects to kick back in...


Wendy said...

Floppy paws!!!

Yes, Claritin is a good antihistamine, but once your nose is running like a tap, it does take a bit to smack those histamines down!

ShirleyPerly said...

Hope the Claritin starts kicking in soon!