Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Tuesday run and swim practice

am: 8 miles (easy zone 2 - I felt very groggy and with tired legs when I set out, it took about six miles to warm up, that is ridiculous!). In sum, slow but enjoyable.

pm: swim practice!

Hmmmm, I do not know why I cannot just have peaceful acceptance of things in life, why always so thoroughly triaspirational?!?

It was a very enjoyable swim - but really I must get fast enough that I can regularly lead that slow lane, it was a very fun group dynamic but we were not following the coach's instructions with any great precision! The fellow at the front politely but impractically (because if there are 4 in a lane, leaving 5 seconds between will always have roughly 15 seconds lag time for last swimmer to get in, even assuming even pacing - it can easily be more if I am slow & at the back!) believed that it was best to wait for the last swimmer to arrive before setting off on the next bit, regardless of sendoffs (and of course there is not always supposed to be as much as 15 seconds rest...).

Then I was laughing at myself, because about halfway through, I thought, "Hmmm, I do not feel that I am swimming especially slowly today, why I am getting so far behind these guys on each bit?" And then I took a look and saw that they were subbing in free for fly and doing swim on the kick lengths! NO WONDER! Anyway, it was all good, but I have a yen to be in charge and enforce coach's instructions!!!

I cannot remember all the sendoffs, and I suspect we were not always making the intervals on some of the tighter ones anyway, but let us say that it was along these lines:

warmup 50 free/25 stroke (alternating through back, breast, fly) for total of 450

6 x 75 free on 1:35 (450)

6 x 150 as fly-free-back-free-breast-free on 3:20 (900)

8 x 75 of 2 x each stroke, in IM order, as swim-kick-swim by 25, on 1:35 for the stroke and 1:25 for the free (this was the interval we did not at all make!). I did free instead of breast, I clearly twanged some muscle - the hamstring is better, but it is that same thigh, I think it is the hip adductor i.e. inner thigh - at the end of my lesson with I. the other day! (600)

2500 yards total


Wendy said...

A good day!

Brent Buckner said...

Leading doesn't allow one to enforce _all_ coach's instructions, merely allows one to hold oneself to coach's rep times. Others continue to do as they will!