Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Wednesday run

Very good, too!

Ran over to meet up with C. and Triathlete L. at the reservoir. Two quickish reservoir loops with C., then joined L. and J. for a third loop. My times are split into 3 separate bits: the easy run over, the first two loops, and then the last loop plus run to subway (was very tempted to run all the way home, another mile and a half or so, but figured that this will already be a high-mileage week and I should not push my luck).

2.14 miles / 19:56 (9:19 pace) / avg HR 153
3.2 miles / 26:21 (8:14 pace) / avg HR 160
2.1 miles / 18:12 (8:40 pace) / avg HR 153

It is wintry out there!


Black Knight said...

Fast splits with an interesting avg HR. congrats.

Jenny Davidson said...

Probably should have clicked the lap button once I finished the last loop and headed out of the park - it's lower partly because I had to stop for a few lights but didn't stop my watch!