Saturday, October 18, 2008

Swimming lesson

It was very good! I put on a pair of fins and did a lot of butterfly-related things, all designed to really get going better on UNDULATION. Including a very funny drill involving standing and jumping up and diving down into the water and touching the bottom of the pool as a way to capture the right feel before moving into the regular stroke. My fly is not bad, I really enjoy that stroke, but it will be much better if I can really remember these crucial things (head down with the dive, really use the neck; keyhole shape with hands, finishing quite near to the front so that the hands can properly karate-chop their way out of the water; let them fly forward in a ballistic motion rather than doing the work with strength and wasting energy; bottom like a duck's really coming up with every undulation).

A bit of work on turns at the end, only a polite but firm lifeguard told us that while it was OK for I. to give me some pointers, we were not allowed to have a full-blown lesson...

Instead we did some more floppy-paws freestyle (finger-drag and thumbsies) and worked a bit more on turns as they naturally happened at the end of each length. I come in too close to the wall - but really learning to do a flip turn is just difficult, I must start doing them on warm-up and low-key swims again or else I will never learn!


Dances with Corgis said...

I have so much fun doing fly drills. Sorry to hear you got yelled at a bit from the lifeguard!

Wendy said...

Glad you had fun.

You are quite right about flip turns -- you have to do them in practice or they won't improve.

Maybe we'll have some time for flip turn play in a couple of weeks!