Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Planning for last long run

It seems to me that if I run up to the George Washington Bridge, then back down all along the west side to Chambers Street, then back up to home at 116th St., this gives me roughly a twenty-mile run without the problem of having to repeat a loop or come temptingly near to my apartment at some not-far-enough-along point in the mileage. I will be doing it solo, so it will be a good mental test - I will hope it is not as rainy as it was today, though!

[ED. Afterthought: it divides naturally into thirds, too: roughly 6 up to the bridge and back down to where I live/the entrance to Riverside Park, then 6-7 to Chambers and 6-7 back up. So I can start out easy and run a little faster on segment 2 and then try and hit marathon pace for segment 3.]


Becca said...

Ah, your plan reminds me of my 20-mile run for my first marathon, which involved going across the Golden Gate Bridge and back, but no other repeating (Mission to Embarcadero to Presidio, across Bridge and back, through the Richmond to Golden Gate Park, back through the Park, and somehow to the Mission again...oh, just writing it makes me want to run it!).

Wendy said...

I hope it won't be as snowy as it is here, either!!

ShirleyPerly said...

Hope it goes well. Good plan to do some MP running in there too.