Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Tuesday run

Gosh, that was a good one...

I felt absolutely awful this morning - I got up early to grade papers, and between the lingering Benadryl hangover (taken last night to combat allergies unphased by Claritin & induce mild sleepiness) and the lack of sufficient sleep I could not get warm or dispel extreme bleariness. I finished grading, but could only lie huddled under the covers in bed to try and get a little warmer! By the time I dragged myself back out of bed and got dressed to run, I could see that I only had time for 6 rather than 8 miles. But perhaps because of that, I set out faster than I usually do on my Tuesday run, and it was utterly delightful - strong and easy/hard in the perfect running way. I had Deep Thoughts and it was very enjoyable!

(I think that I have a natural comfortable running pace around 9:15-9:30, which during the summer months is easily slowed by heat and humidity to 10:30, and then as it cools down I stay slightly lazy and accustomed to the slower turnover. Just this last few weeks I feel like I've been running comfortably quickly again - it's great!)

52:26, 6.03 miles according to Pod, 8:41 average pace (avg HR 160)

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ShirleyPerly said...

I think it's rare to see the words "good," "awful" and "enjoyable" used together to describe you felt and how you ran. Good for you!