Friday, October 24, 2008

Thursday swim practice

It was good, too, though I felt rather slow. Legitimately slow - lots of exercise today!

Then I raced downtown on mercifully timely subway trains to meet my adopted grandfather at the theatre for an extremely long production of the entire Oedipus cycle - not a good production, very poorly acted - Tiresias had ludicrous floor-length dreadlocks, fistfuls of which he held in his hands with the effect of making him seem utterly and unintentionally Muppet-like - had to get an emergency Coke at the second intermission - did not sit down to (what turned out to be very delicious and relaxing) dinner till 11:30! Hmmmm, an enjoyable but rather long day...

Warmup (abbreviated): 100 free, 25 breast, 25 back, 25 fly drill, 25 free

6 x 100 free on 1:55, which we kept very well (I note that I really have gotten faster - I was leading, and I found it very easy to keep to the interval, with pretty much 10 seconds rest - I could definitely not swim that fast even a few months ago, so that is a happy fact to contemplate)

9 x 100 as 3 IM, 3 choice stroke non-free, 3 reverse IM (utter chaos - I have to get fast enough to lead on IM stuff too, as it is I am hopelessly slower on these than on freestyle bits! We were assigned sendoffs that I think were just unrealistically fast for actual lane composition, 2:30 for the IM and 2:25 for the other - I did back, everyone else did breast, so I led on the middle three - but we were not making them at all - probably 2:45 is more sensible, if there is nobody a bit faster to lead and it is that long a set?)

3 x 200 pull on 4:10, 4:00, 3:55 (but I do not understand why you get given three times when really you only have 2 sendoffs) - a nice surprise here which is that one other fellow is an amazingly fast puller, much faster than he is as a regular swimmer! Which makes me think he should be able to easily figure out how to swim a lot faster also! He overtook me after a 100 & thereafter led - I like leading, but I like it even more when somebody is having a very good swim! Should be he could get a few tips from the coach about body position and streamline and be swimming a lot faster in general...

50 easy swim down

2350 yards total


Wendy said...

At least dinner was grand!

Well done on the 6 x 100.

The 9 x 100 set would be chaotic in most lanes. You really need the whole group to make the repeat times in order for that to work.

In the 200's, the last cut-off is given because you are expected to finish that repeat faster than the cut-off, as if you were to have to go again.

ShirleyPerly said...

Yes, isn't it wonderful to see your swim times improve? Nice job leading.

I too am a significantly faster puller too which is why I like wetsuit-legal swims :-)