Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Tuesday swim practice

Very, very enjoyable.

Hmmm, strange day, I felt very cold and tired and rather awful except when I was running, teaching or swimming! That means 4 hrs good, 8 hrs bad - but I do not think I am getting sick, because then I would have been feeling bad during the workouts also. Allergies, tiredness? Anyway, I am quite busy for the next week and a half and then I have a week (it's Columbia's election holiday, and I am free from teaching) in piratey tropical island paradise, so I will not grumble in the meantime!


(Even though lanemate K. and I got bumped up to a faster lane and then demoted back down again when it emerged - what I knew already! - that really we do belong in the slower one! Ah well, I can dream - I will swim faster one of these days...)

Warmup (abbreviated): 200 as 100 free, 50 back, 50 breast

Stroke in IM order: 4 x 25 kick, 4 x 50 drill, 4 x 75 swim (cannot remember sendoffs)

5 x 200 free on 3:55

10 x 50 free as one fast on :50, one easy on 1:10

2 x 50 stroke non-free (I did back)

50 easy swim-down

and then it was over! I.'s floppy-paws thing has made a magical improvement in my stroke - by the end of practice, I was more back to the usual technique, I must concentrate on maintaining it throughout - but I felt very strong and easy in the water, it was great. Not faster as such, just much lower effort level than usual. I was leading on the last half of the hour (the slower lane) - I particularly enjoy leading on the long freestyle sets. At first I thought that if someone was more or less on my feet, that really it meant he would rather be in front, but then I realized that I like working a little harder than average and others like working a little less! Pulling the train is enjoyable to me if I am at an appropriate speed not to hold people up...

2450 yards total


Leah said...

I was sick last week with a stomach bug, but felt fine during my workouts and if I was distracted. Which, I'll take over being too sick to do anything! Anyway, hope you stay healthy...

Dorothy W. said...

I'm feeling cold all the time these days too -- and I think I usually feel this way in fall. For me, it's a matter of getting used to the temps. I usually feel worse in Oct/Nov than I do in Jan/Feb.

Brent Buckner said...

You wrote:
At first I thought that if someone was more or less on my feet, that really it meant he would rather be in front

Or that he's just fast enough to keep up when drafting.

For fairly closely matched swimmers, rotating the leader may help to even things out.

Wendy said...

Glad to hear you're still loving the team!

I am freezing all the time these days too. The cool fall air is damp, and there are winds. Like winter in England ...