Thursday, October 23, 2008

Thursday run

Very nice early-morning run with new training partner H., who I met last year at early-morning swimming but who was then knocked out of training action by an inopportune broken foot (the result of a training accident - playing soccer in her apartment hallway with her daughter)! She has signed up for the Louisville Ironman race in 2009, and it should be that we can have some great training together - highly compatible run speeds (with the addendum that I only run as fast as I do because of diligent training - my faster running friends run that fast even when they only run once a week!). Omitted to turn on the Polar, so no speed or HR data, but it was 5.5 miles at what I would estimate as 8:45 pace.

I had a plan (the fruit of mid-semester mental insanity) that I would then go and swim and then go straight from the pool for the 10am workout with M., but fortunately I realized post-run that I had no fueling plan in place to make this notion a reality. I breakfasted instead, and will go to the 6pm swim workout as initially planned. I'm going to try and make it to one of the Friday-evening TNYA swim workouts at John Jay College tomorrow night, too - I am not really training per se for the 5K sea swim, but I think it will be to my advantage if I could make it to at least a couple ninety-minute masters swims (the CU ones are only 60), i.e. higher yardage in single session, and perhaps one long straight swim up at Riverbank also (Olympic pool) - I do not know if I have the fortitude or the time to do 5K on my own, but I would think I could pretty easily muster the determination for 4K and that would be very good practice also....

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ShirleyPerly said...

Lovely pace! And I suspect that swimming a 5K in the ocean, with more too look at in the water and the added buoyancy, will be easier than swimming 4K in a pool.