Friday, August 7, 2009

Fish and chips

I awfully want to do this race! (FT site registration required; the race site is here. Hmmm, might have to see about sea kayaking opportunities in the Caymans - this is not compatible with 2010 Ironman plans, but it sounds like an extremely enjoyable race that would definitely go with a later-season Shawagunks race in 2011 - would have to develop some NAVIGATIONAL skills as a backup in case of GPS failure...)


Spokane Al said...

Don't worry about the navigational skills. If things don't work out and you get a bit (or a lot) off course you can call it research and use the material as fodder for your next literary effort.

Black Knight said...

What a pity I have sold my kayak when I decided to bike! However Scotland is a beautiful Country with wonderful landscapes. Don't worry about the navigational skills, a good sailor look at ... the stars!