Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Tuesday gym

Argghhhhh, I was gnashing my teeth furiously and somewhat laughing at myself, I am an IDIOT - I have been drooling over the class schedule at World Gym and walked over there this morning in hopes of doing the core strength class and possibly the group ride (spin class) afterwards if I felt up for it - only the schedule I had been looking at online is clearly now obsolete, and the current schedule (which is indeed online - maybe I was looking at July's schedule before?) does not so much have the things I wanted at the times that would suit!

It is fine, it is not a big deal - I had a very good hour-long strength workout on my own (core and upper body).

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Wendy said...

Who hasn't done something like that?! And it's great you were able to work out -- for so many when that kind of mistake happens they end up completely out of luck!