Friday, August 14, 2009

Friday swim/bike

I meant to have a long swim AND a long bike, but I snoozed the alarm for too long - story of my life!

60 minutes sea swim

90 minutes bike

I am about seven weeks out from a half-iron distance race where I don't have strict time goals (other than to finish under seven hours - qualifying time for the Survival of the Shawagunks race!) but where I really would like to have done adequate training to run the whole of the run, however slowly. I've done the Florida 70.3 race twice now, and it is so deathly hot that it is pretty much of a walk rather than a run for me!

I also have two open-water swims in September - the Governor's Island 2-mile race, which is supposed to be quite challenging, and the Little Red Lighthouse swim, which is 5.85 miles and in theory with a very strong tidal assist, but not necessarily! To my very great pleasure, Wendy and some of her Ottawa teammates are coming down to do this swim also - Wendy's been doing some research, and past years of data suggest that sometimes the slower swimmers are in the water for as long as two and a half or three hours, so we had better be prepared for a range of possibilities! I will try and make the most of sea-swimming opportunities while I'm here, balancing that with the overriding need for time on bike and the companion need to start building up a solid weekly base of run mileage for a smooth move in September into marathon training...



Wendy said...

Nothing is ever simple or easy!

Still, one hour sea swim + TOB is a good session.

intentsandpurposes said...

You'll have 3 cheerleaders in Philly.