Friday, August 21, 2009

"High cadence, high cadence!"

Or, alternately: "Grind it out!"

I am full of self-reproach this morning, though Spinervals endorphins have now partly consoled me - I meant to get up quite early and do my long swim for the week (1:15) and a medium to long bike, but instead I was kind of awake from 5-7am, went back to sleep at 7, surfaced briefly at 8 but instead of getting up then, which I perfectly well could and should have done, went back to sleep and only woke up around 9:30!

ARGHHHHH, it is the story of my life!

(Either that, or I drag myself out of bed at some ungodly hour for either work or a workout and then spend the rest of the day feeling vaguely queasy from lack of sleep!)

Anyway, I deemed time on bike more immediately pressing than swimming, so I just did an hour of Spinervals 15.0, Have Mercy: The Sequel. Will try and get a swim in tomorrow later afternoon - got a couple sessions of treadmill running on the schedule for later today and tomorrow morning...


Wendy said...

Squash the reproach! Between Coach Troy and the dreadmill, you'll have had a very good workout day!

Brent Buckner said...

And now Saturday's plan is different!