Monday, August 10, 2009

Swim of excellence!

Mmmmm, that was very good - I have been on the lookout for many a month for a Caymanian pool of 25-yard or 25-meter dimensions that would be within walking distance and open for outsiders' use, and the glorious new pool at the Cayman International School is now open three times a week for members of the Cayman Islands Triathlon Association. Which, thanks to Brent, I am one of!

(There was no elegant way to end that sentence.)

("I am"?!?)

Alas, it is true, it is MWF6:15-7:15am - but it was fairly magical swimming (in strangely warm water!) under a blue sky with the hint of last night's moon still visible...

I cannot say if this is exactly what I did, but along these lines:

4 x (100 free [flip turns!] + 50 stroke [drill-swim in IM order])

50 whip kick on back

100 breast drill (first length count 3 on glide, second count 2, 3-4 count 1)

50 breast

50 back

50 dolphin kick on back

50 dolphin kick on sides

100 as right arm, left arm, two lengths of 3-3-3

100 as right arm, left arm, two lengths of 1-1-1

50 fly down, free back

50 back

8 x 75 stroke as kick-drill-swim, 2 of each stroke in IM order

50 fly-free

50 back

1950 yards* total

I will definitely do Mondays and Wednesdays - it might be that Friday mornings I will do a long sea swim instead.
[ED. NB: really that was METRES!]


Wendy said...


Now ... how many lanes are there? How many swimmers were there?

Danielle in Iowa said...

How about "of which I am one?"

Gees, who is the English prof here? :-)