Sunday, August 23, 2009

Sunday long run

And it was GREAT - I have a huge feeling of mental and physical satisfaction at getting that one done.

12 miles (5.5mph, 0.5 incline, avg HR 137)

After the other day, I figured I'd better keep it really slow if I wanted to stay on for the whole 12 miles (2:10)...

It worked...

(Socks of UTTER squelchiness by the 1:30 mark - really the sweat is already running down my legs in sheets after about forty minutes! I have a favorite pair of running socks that does better under these circumstances, but they are getting rather threadbare and there is a hole in the sole - these Nike ones are not up to snuff for long warm treadmill running, though.)

(And I was going to have a long sea swim later, but judging by the YELPS issuing from my mouth under the shower as I realized the extent of shallow but pervasive chafing, it might be wise to leave it till Tuesday morning instead - that water is pretty salty...)


Spokane Al said...

Where is the BodyGlide or my favorite, Bag Balm?

Wendy said...

Hey! Al took my question!

Glad it was a good run.