Saturday, August 1, 2009

Saturday run

Well, I will call it a partial success rather than a partial failure...

I met Triathlete L. and J. at Chambers St. - they were doing 12 (around the south tip of Manhattan, over the bridge to Brooklyn and then round Prospect Park), I hoped to do 9 and peel off as they entered the park and instead take the 2/3 train home from Grand Army Plaza.

But though it is a beautiful day (not humid), it is HOT - our first three miles were mostly in direct sun, and I was feeling quite sick to my stomach. As we came to the bridge and I saw how crowded it was, my heart failed me - I will not in this case blame it on the bridge, it was more a case of discretion being the better part of valor.

(Ugh, I hate to bail, though!)

So I sent the two of them on their way and slowed down a bit and took a much shadier route back across to the west side and then up to 14th St. - just over six miles altogether, I am guessing, around 10:00 pace (the solitary part wasn't slower, really, just cooler!).

(I hate to complain, but I have been feeling pretty awful all week - headache and queasy would be too strong, but sub-headache and just sub-queasy pretty much all the time - poor-quality sleep from underlying deadline stress. I almost canceled the run altogether, only I already canceled on the bike ride the other day! But I am sure it was more sensible to call it short than to slog it out - I need to do at least 3 more hours of work this evening, and I would much prefer NOT to get sick after I send the book to the editor on Monday...)

NB my new hydration belt was attracting much unwanted attention - I felt that I was trailing a wake of mild hilarity everywhere I went!

Run mileage for July was very low. I will count this week as 18 miles and start raising it from there - I guess I'll do a 90-minute treadmill run next weekend, that will make sense...


Wendy said...

Better you listen to your body than get into real trouble!

Feel better.

Danielle in Iowa said...

People actually notice your belt?

Good luck with the deadline! MY advisor comes back tomorrow from vacation so I have an imaginary deadline myself.

lauren said...

It got much less crowded as soon as we hit the Brooklyn side of the bridge, but all you really missed was me getting barfy at around mile 5, running very slowly for a few miles after that, and the two of us deciding to call it a day at the entrance of the park-- so, 9 slow miles.

Rainmaker said...

Surprising folks would notice your belt, around here they are commonplace, especially in marathon training season.