Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Stroke and stride of delightfulness!

No time now to write the COPIOUS POST that I always really want to spill out after these things - various thoughts on sport and fitness - but I had an AWFULLY nice time at the Stroke and Stride this evening.

The swim is good but too short (I was hoping to practice my drafting, but potential draftees were all swimming waywardly and/or too slowly and doing much breaststroke); the run is mentally tough, due to humidity, but was not QUITE as brutally hot as I envisaged, though I think I went out a bit too fast. Certainly the beads of sweat were standing out all over me after I finished - heat regulation issues...

(Took a dip afterwards to rinse off the sweat, but still sweating very copiously for some time afterwards - core body temperature only really reached normal after a few beers and a portion of Irish stew at Fidel Murphy's...

I did not even think of starting my watch or timing myself - it was a race for fun! The first of three, on successive Wednesdays - the swim gets longer with each week, while the run stays the same - this, I think, is enjoyable.

I am certain there will be good coverage in the local papers, and will link accordingly - meanwhile I leave you for your reading pleasure the utterly delightful story by my favorite local journalist Ron Shillingford about Cayman triathlete Tony Watts and his latest endurance adventure! (Note the Wednesday night running club singlet in the picture...)

(Thanks to all volunteers and race sponsors for a wonderful event.)


Wendy said...

Very good! Racing for fun is the best!

The swims get longer, as the series progresses though, right?


ShirleyPerly said...

A mid-week race for fun, how delicious. Glad you had fun!