Friday, January 28, 2011

BEAST week 2 (Friday)

That was good, though I still feel like there's too much stuff I hardly can do (gave up completely on attempt to be walked as wheelbarrow in the sand pit, it is very hard on the wrists as well as being impossibly challenging in other ways too!). I might have to start going to the sand pit to practice; in particular I don't seem to be able to do a "bear crawl" well at all, I think I had better look on the internet to see if I can get some technique tips....

(Today I'm going to go to the midday abs and strength class also; the boot camp stuff is on functional training lines, it can be well supplemented with more traditional strength stuff which I frankly find much, much easier than these amazingly awful compound exercises like the titular "Beast," which I still have not at all mastered: I cannot honestly even say exactly how it goes, but it is something like pushup-then jump feet out to wide stance - jump back in for another pushup, jump to front and jump up for burpee, then jump feet back out and this time do "mountain climbers" between the pushups - it is confusing and I am left looking in perplexity at the person next to me to see if I can refresh my memory of the sequence!)

1.25hr. boot camp

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