Sunday, January 9, 2011

Not an actual swim

but I had a good experience earlier on today: I went and counted laps for some swimmers in Team New York Aquatics' One-Hour Swim. I've signed up for a slot on Jan. 30, a good prompt to get back in the pool - but the prospect of going to Chelsea Piers this evening for a swim has been closed off by printer error - tried to print out my new masters swim membership card, after renewing that membership, only to realize that one of the many casualties of six months away is that my computer no longer seems to want to talk to my printer, and now I have wasted more than an hour wrestling with it! Arghhhh, I have tried everything I can, I am at my wit's end - it has put me thoroughly out of the frame of mind to write my daily quota of novel words, though the only thing that will now relieve the feeling of being irked is to reach the 1000-word total! Have written about 150, that is a start - back to that now, I think...

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