Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Wednesday double spin

OK, this is good. You set yourself up for failure if you make goals that require too much willpower, but doing the double spin class requires roughly the right amount, i.e. I have to make myself get out of the house and get on the subway, and I have to resist the moderately strong temptation to leave after the first class finishes and go for a swim instead of doing the second hour of spin, but both temptations can be fairly readily overcome...

In terms of getting ready to train for Ironman, I think that doing the 2-hour spin three times a week is probably almost the single best thing I can do - boot camp starts next week, so if I put boot camp (3 mornings a week) plus three double spin classes as my absolute basic obligation, with running and swimming as extras on top, I think that will be about right. I am guessing I will have to miss a boot camp now and again if I have had a very sleepless night (if I am not asleep by 2am, it is simply not sensible to get up at 5:45, the time is better spent in bed), but I can make a missed one up by going to some other class instead.

2hr. spin

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Danielle in Iowa in Ireland said...

I have to say that I would have a really hard time staying on the bike when everyone else was leaving!