Friday, January 28, 2011

More strength!

That was good (though I will note that the boot camp workout really is deceptively intense, the hour goes by in a flash and you don't feel like it was any one thing that particularly put a huge strain on one particular muscle, just general exertion - but both legs and back were telling me later on that yes, they had already done some work!).

The "Ab Lab" and "Max Out" classes seem very easy in comparison - there is nothing I can't do, with possible exception of steppy things that require coordination (substitute teacher today had excessive amounts of step!).

1.5hr. strength


Danielle in Iowa in Ireland said...

I only feel like boot camp goes by fast if we are doing circuits. Otherwise, I think "Really, another round of star jumpers and burpees and mountain climbers?! Is this class over yet!?"

Black Knight said...

I read with interest your posts to learn always more about fitness and sport. In my city there are no boot camps and swimming races in open sea, in this region there are not trail races ... ecc. ecc.

Jenny Davidson said...

Black Knight - yes - your country needs more swimming races - and mine needs better race loot!