Sunday, January 9, 2011

Short Sunday run

It was impossible to drag myself out of bed! I have been ridiculously tired these last few days, to the point of it seeming not just unlikely but actively unwise to try and do anything strenuous; but I was determined to run this morning.

I talked myself out the door with the promise that it could be as short a run as I wanted, so long as I ran in the first place; and in fact I was woefully underdressed, I forgot what it's like running in the 20s, the newness of my transition from tropical climes meant that I had much too much water and much too little clothing!

But running in cool weather is so lovely - I ran down to the 79th St. boat basin (the new path along the river makes this a shorter run than it used to be, now that one no longer has to detour) - it is beautiful out there, and frigid, which gives me a much better proportion of cardiovascular to leg effort than I get in warm humid weather!

c. 3.53 miles, 37:23, avg. pace 10:35, avg HR 150

1 comment:

Danielle in Iowa in Ireland said...

You brought water for a 3.5 mile run! Yes, your calibration is way off :-)