Sunday, January 30, 2011

One-hour swim!

That is a really nice event - it's the main annual fundraiser that Team New York Aquatics runs, and the organizations that receive funds are great in terms of providing people to cheer swimmers on! Also, there are donuts...

(I only had half of one, but it was fairly delicious...)

I knew I hadn't been swimming enough for it to be realistic to expect to break 3000 yards in 1 hour - my pace sits around 2:00/100 yards for a long pool swim in any case, and given lack of yardage, I figured I'd fall on the slower side of that. But I swam pretty strong, I think, with reasonably even splits, and finished the hour just under 2975 yards, so that is as well as I could have expected to do. It is a mentally challenging workout, but a good one to get me started training for the Ironman swim (2.4 miles, 4224 yards)!

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Danielle in Iowa in Ireland said...

So close though! I mean, if you did out the pace, it probably still comes out to 2:00/100 anyway, right?