Tuesday, April 9, 2013


I haven't ridden much if at all over the winter, the ride over to the park is still rather harrowing - it's not dangerous, just that there are so many vans, trucks, taxis, etc. parked across the lane one would otherwise be riding in! Very nice once I am in the park, though - beautiful warm day today, and the new bike lane system they have put in Central Park is much superior to the previous arrangement. Cut ride a little short as I was anxious to get on with my day - hosting a party for 100+ people tonight to celebrate publication of new book, and still have a few things to acquire....

San Francisco this weekend, then Portland, ME for a couple days next week, but by a week from Friday I'm home and should be able to have a good training block (just under three weeks till I go to Cayman again May 9). Bike anxiety desensitization a priority - I am going to try and ride my bike every day, shooting to swim and run 3x week each as well but a lot of biking really is the overriding need.

1:13/18.12mi/14.8mph avg pace

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