Monday, April 29, 2013


Rode my bike down to Chelsea Piers for 12:30 spin class. My bike lock was not findable in the secure bike cage (all those locks look almost the same anyway, I tried 'em all but couldn't seem to get mine) - not sure what has happened to it, but think I will just have to replace it. (My combination lock was still in the locker room at City College, by the way, but I didn't see the watch - will check and see if there's a lost and found Tuesday evening.)

Rather rainy and muddy - a funny female mallard duck was wandering around on the bike path near 96th St.

Not sure whether I will make it to yoga later - got some errands to take care of, and it's the kind of weather that makes you want to stay at home. This is going to be my big cycling week. Will do a 3-hour ride Wednesday in NY/NJ, Friday midday spin, Saturday morning double spin and then on Sunday this rather daunting 80-mile ride in Putnam.

:50 spin
10mi bike

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