Sunday, April 21, 2013


I am still flattened with fatigue, but the swim workout was super (I didn't make it back out to yoga yesterday, and I didn't make it out this morning for a run either - got up at the appointed hour and felt so little up for it that I basically just went back to bed!). Amazing how much aerobic fitness just carries over to swimming, assuming you have basics of technique down - I felt ridiculously strong and energetic, especially towards the end. (Lanemate was relieved to learn in locker room afterwards that I was pointed towards Ironman, she said she felt daunted by how energetic my final hundred of IM was in comparison to hers but that it made sense I would have good stamina!)

May run later, or go to yoga, not quite sure - my nose is very runny post-swim, but in every other respect I feel much better than I did earlier. Might be I should just try and get on top of all the miscellaneous minor bits of business I've lost track of due to too much traveling.

In NYC through May 8. Cycling and swimming are a priority; running is very nice here at this time of year, but cycling is the huge imperative and swim workouts are what I don't have such good access to in Cayman, so I'm basically thinking of the next two weeks as a bike-swim training camp sort of situation - will do as much of both as I reasonably can. 10 days in Cayman and then a week in London for my cousin's wedding and family visiting - I am going to take spin shoes and swim stuff and try and have 2 days at the YMCA there, otherwise it will be mostly running that week.

City College is really easy for me to get to, and having a 90-minute workout is much superior to a 60-minute, which is what all the old Columbia TNYA ones were.

Warmup (approximate): c. 400 yards free with every third length back

8 x 50 stroke drill/free by 25, odds backstroke streamline, evens breast 1 pull/2 kick

Main set:

(1) 100, 200, 300, 400 freestyle pull
(2) 100, 200, 300 IM (last one as 3 x 100, not 300 straight)
(3) 100, 200 pull
(4) 100 IM

What did we do then for bits and bobs at end? Maybe 200 easy double-arm backstroke, then 3 x 50 underwater down (I can only make it halfway without bobbing up and taking a breath), freestyle back.

c. 3400 yards

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