Saturday, April 6, 2013

Marginal Road

My annual eighteenth-century studies conference is very worthwhile but very tiring! Had hoped to run twice, but it was not realistic. However I did manage to take last night "off" - got up at 7 to eat breakfast, attended 8am panel and then was able to head out later morning for a long run.

I'm in Cleveland, very industrial downtown landscape - got a good route tip from front desk clerk, ran over to the lakefront and along the aptly named Marginal Road. Traffic-free, deserted: some vultures, gulls and geese, plus one body of very dead cat. Garmin battery was dead almost right away, but it was just over 1.5hr on time, definitely 9 miles. Temperature mid-40s, some cloud cover but not much wind: really pretty much ideal running weather.

At these conferences, there never seems to be enough oxygen in the air of the meetings rooms: I felt very happy and refreshed almost right away. It is good!

c. 1.5hr, c. 9mi.

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