Monday, April 22, 2013


I was so tired last night that I realized the only thing to do was go to bed without setting an alarm (I never can go to sleep till late, so it's important now and again to get the high-quality later morning sleep rather than making myself get up earlier than is realistic!). Slightly chagrined to wake up and realize it was 10 o'clock already, but on the other hand I was bursting with energy and felt normal for the first time in weeks, so I think it was the right choice.

Really there is no reason to do SBR all on the same day in training, for endurance training you would more often be better off just doing one sport for 2-3 hours or perhaps at most 2. But on the other hand it is good fun, they go so well together, and I also always feel (to use the phrase beloved of yoga teachers) that it is a good way to "seal my intention" - so I ran down to Chelsea Piers for spin, then (hahahahaha, this was funny!) TAUGHT the spin class as we were short a teacher (I hope she is OK, further investigation suggested that she was in a car accident over the weekend but I am much hoping that it was minor), then met Lauren in the pool for a short swim.

:52 run (c. 5.2mi)
:50 spin (very high HR for whole time, though wasn't pedaling hard, due to adrenalin of leading the class!)
800 yards swim (4 x 100 as free, fly drill, free, free, then 400 kick with board)

Then it was 2pm and I'd only eaten a Clif bar between run and spin - have eaten lunch and dinner in the interim but am thinking I may have to have a small second dinner....

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