Thursday, April 25, 2013


I love the swim workouts at City College! There have been a few different coaches, all good - but really it's the pool situation, it's much superior to Columbia back in the day, we have 90 minutes and all six lanes, it's fantastic. At Columbia we were often compressed into 4 lanes due to diving practice, which meant that I either I had to swim in wayward slow lane or try and hang on the back of a lane with faster swimmers doing their 100 freestyle on 1:50. I will get faster, though, once I am swimming quite a bit again.

Not sure I am reproducing this exactly right - I was in solitary splendor in lane 5 (another swimmer not doing the workout was also solitary in lane 6 - coach nicely asked if I wanted to swim in lane 4, but really I think I was better off following slightly slower sendoffs!), and this meant that sometimes I was doing only 3 when others did 4. Something like this, anyway....

Warmup: 500 free, every third length back

3 x (25 free easy, 25 stroke moderate, 25 free hard, 25 stroke easy): fly, back, breast

The goal of the main set was to give you a feel for pace. First we did a 50 on its own, at 70% effort, and registered the time (:55 for me). Then we did (substitute 4 for the 3s and it all looks more logical - something like 1:00 rest between each piece of the workout):

4 x 50 on 10 seconds rest, maintaining :55
4 x 100 (2:20) broken at the 50 and maintaining :55 for second split
3 x 200 (4:30) broken for 10 seconds at the 150 and again making :55 for the final split
2 x 400 broken for 10 seconds at the 350, ditto

150 double-arm back

4 x 100 with second 50 negative split as per main set

It was good!

3400 yards total

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