Saturday, April 13, 2013


Just a short one, but it totally turned my mood around: I woke up feeling weary and rather homesick, now I feel calm and mildly elated! The weather here is just so perfect - low 50s, sunny - really ideal running weather.

I have been passing this rather alluring fitness center every day since I got here, but after prowling round it several times still hadn't been able to identify an actual entrance - but today it dawned on me that really I would have to go upstairs, I did and went in to check out equipment and they do indeed have spin bikes with cleats on the cardio floor. I had been slightly bemoaning to myself that my flight tomorrow isn't till 1:30 - won't be home till evening, really, and am sure I will be very tired at that point. And I shouldn't run three days in a row given that I haven't been running that much. But now I can go to that gym for 8am opening and do a 2-hour ride, still with plenty of time to shower and change and pack and get a taxi around 10:45 or 11 to the airport. (Flight isn't till 1:30 so really that's a ton of time.)

Taking Caltrain to Sunnydale a bit later this morning to spend the day with friends, then my reading is this evening - I slightly have my eye on a 4:30pm yoga class, but will see how the day goes, it may be that relaxed scheduling means I wouldn't get onto an early enough train to make it back in time. But I will bring my stuff with me in case I can make it work - the yoga studio is very near to the bar where the reading will be.

c. 35min, c. 3.5mi

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Black Knight said...

I love to run when I am far from home for business.
It seems that the runs are easier, doesn't it?
Have a safe trip tomorrow.