Friday, April 26, 2013


My laptop is at the repair shop and it has slightly disrupted normal posting patterns....

Midday spin: 40min. Spin teacher J. was "doored" on her bike on Sunday, went hard over the door and has concussion, bruised ribs, whiplash and limited mobility on left-hand side. I was there early to get a longer workout but instead was very happy to help new class members with bike fit, as it did not seem right for J. to have to bend down and adjust things! Ugh - hope she is better soon - glad it wasn't worse, though I think concussion really is terrible.

Tomorrow I need to go to Philadelphia for family visiting plus the memorial service for a favorite teacher of mine from high school. Day off from exercise, but probably fairly tiring, so the only workout I'm planning to do on Sunday is midday swim.

Evening: hot yoga!

40min spin
1.5hr hot yoga

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