Sunday, April 14, 2013


Very good hour on a remarkably fancy spin bike at the Club One down the street, which was beautiful and deserted (San Francisco business district really empties out on weekends). I packed well for this trip, I brought everything I needed and I used everything I brought - only I found myself at the gym having left HR monitor and strap in my hotel room! Wasn't worth going back for it, didn't want to lose momentum, and I had an extremely good workout anyway - fanciness of bike resides in fact that it tells you what to do! 10 x 2:30 work, 2:30 recovery, with mix of seated and standing sprints and climbs, jumps, etc.

Long day of travel ahead - will shower and breakfast in hotel restaurant, then head out to airport probably around 10:45. I won't be home in NYC till 11pm, I fear. Pleased that this week wasn't a null in terms of exercise - I had just under 4 and a half hours, 2 bikes and 2 runs, so I think that is certainly adequate to maintain fitness if not to balance out the large quantities of candy, alcohol, Cheez-Its, etc. that I have consumed this week.

One more trip this week, Maine Tuesday through Thursday, but I am hugely looking forward to digging in at home after that for three weeks of massive triathlon training and book revision!

1hr spin (10 x 2:30 work, 2:30 recovery)

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