Tuesday, June 17, 2014


This has been a blissful island idyll - if I come here when I'm stressed out or depressed, it kind of magnifies it and I have a tendency to feel like I'm bouncing off the walls, but if I'm in a good frame of mind, there are few distractions to steer me off course! Went to 6am spin class at World Gym, then did a very good treadmill workout specified by Coach Dave. Traveling tomorrow, but will run in the morning for sure. Might have a swim later if I feel so inclined - the yoga schedule does not offer me super-convenient options today.

:50 spin
:35 treadmill (2.5mi) as 5:00 warmup, (5 x 3:30 jog, :30 fast, 1:00 recovery), 5:00 cooldown (5.0/6.5)

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