Thursday, August 17, 2017


A good session with Josh. Some strength stuff but really concentrating on technique and lingering injury issues. Did some box squats with PVC bar, then with chain and bar - concentrating on where things have a tendency to go wrong once I fatigue. Exploratory stuff on floor demonstrated to both our satisfaction that my right glute area is still royally messed up! (Single-leg hip thrusts, some other hip flexor exercises - I think weak hip flexors are one of the culprits on this.) Won't start lifting real bar and weight until this is further improved.

Then not technically a run, but it was 40 minutes brisk walk (about 2 miles from Chelsea Piers to the Brookdale, but needed to get to Gene's in clean dry clothes not sweaty gym clothes!), and I am going to count it just this once - stirred up all that glute/hip stuff already, so this was for the best. And now I need to try and go to SLEEP given morning alarm is set for 5:15.

Have virtuous resolution for Cayman: good nutrition and rigid exercise schedule, run early early, get early ride from Brent to cafe and work from c. 6:45-10:15, then hot yoga every weekday (heat should help loosen up ongoing tightness around this right hip/back stuff) and 40-60 minutes at the gym every afternoon for mix of strength and stretch....

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